Introduction to Class

Wiki Orientation

Information Exchange

Writing Samples Collected


Reading Assignments


Sept 6th

Disciplining Rhetoric

Rhetorical Toolbox Opened


Stasis Theory

Rhetorical Triangles

Artistic Appeals

Due: Second Response due before 9 AM,Thursday, September 8

Reading Assignments:

Though they are numerous...they are short (and since many of you touted how avidly you read in your writing samples, it should be no problem!)


Sept 8th

The Rhetorical Toolbox

Tools added + Tools Used

Reading Assignments:

Sept 13

The Ad Analysis

Introduction to Project One

First of Two Visual Rhetorical Analysis Workouts

Due:  Fourth Response due before 9AM, Thursday, September 15

Reading Assignments:



Lost in the Supermarket

The Rhetoric of Advertising and the Age of Persuasion

Due: First paragraph of your rough draft of Project One due via a link to the page you created on our Roster before 9 AM Tuesday

Reading Assignments

Sept 20

Writing Project One

Workshopping Project One Intro Paragraphs

Rhetorical/Structural Options for Project One

Introduction Strategies

Due: Your rough draft of Project One (complete draft) is due via a link to the page you created on our Roster before class on Thursday.



First Rough Draft Workshop

Due: Drop a link to the final draft of your execution of Project One to the Project One Storage Bin page before 11:59 PM, Sunday, October 2

Reading Assignments:

Sept 27

(re) Introduction to Rhetorical Analysis

Introduction to Project Two

Contextual vs. Features Analysis

Effective Thesis Statements for Rhetorical Analyses

First In-Class Rhetorical Workout


Reading Assignments


Sept 29 

Hooked on Rhetorical Analysis

Writing Support Paragraphs for Rhetorical Analyses

Due: Fifth Reading Response due before 9 AM, October 4

Reading Assignment:

Oct 4

At War with Rhetorical Analysis

Review of Support Paragraph Entries

More Structural Elements for Project Two

The Enthymeme-meme

Due: Work on Project Two, Rough Draft due next Tuesday, 10/11


Thursday Oct 6

Rhetorical Analysis of Rip! A Remix Manifesto

Due Next Class: Rough Draft of project two (bring your I GOT MINE chosen book with you)

Oct 11

Today: Workshopping Project Two

Due Next Class: Complete first Draft of Project 2


Oct 13

Peer Review of Project Two

Project Two Due: Sunday Monday Oct 16 17 Night at Midnight

Oct 18


Defining Problems/Problematic Definitions

Starting your Research

Three Short Textbook Reading Assignments:

Three Short Articles: 


response six 



Oct 20


Defining (Gay) Marriage

First Thunderdome

Due: Response Seven

Oct 25

Reading Assignments:


Response 8 


Oct 27

Second Public Debate Thunderdome 

Nov 1st

(optional class)

CONFERENCES Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

Link to Doodle poll to book a conference


Nov 3rd

Draft of Project 3 due for Peer Review


Evaluating Detroit: 




Response 9

(your last reading response! the rest are geared towards your own writing and research) 


Nov 8th

Introducing Project Four

Evaluation Detroit Contest Begins


Nov 10th

Wrap up Eval-Detroit Contest

Wiki Design

Project Three due at midnight in the r2d2 trash-can



Response 10 (formal)

Nov 15th

On Tap:

In-class reading:

In-class writing: 



Nov 17th

Constructing Texts 

Making Meaningful and Persuasive Evaluations

Due Tuesday:

Response 12


Proposals and the Public Sphere



Response 13 due after the break




Nov 29th


Dec 1st


Dec 6th


Dec 8th (final class, tearful farewells)

Final Project 4/5/6 Due Dec 13th (no extensions)