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Jared Grogan   The Truthitician

Page history last edited by Jared 10 years, 1 month ago


Welcome to my roster page.  The truthitician is my "Wiki Handle" for our course.  It's a space where you can get to know a little bit about me, where I can create a bit of an online persona, and where I can store drafts or notes for class.  (Was that just a comma splice?)


I'm very happy to start working with all of you this term...  I love teaching and, believe it or not, I especially love teaching first-year writing.  Rhetoric and Composition is where it's at.  


Here are three things I tend to like:

1) Truthiticians willing to live in a wikiality



2) whatever THIS is: 


3) Detroit Basketball: 

 A basketball hoop stands in the foreground with the Michigan Central Depot in the background in southwest Detroit.  


Here are a few more interests of mine (and some stuff you might find on my C.V.):

  • All things related to Composition (college/university writing) and Rhetoric (classically defined as the production and interpretation of signs and the use of logical, ethical, and emotional appeals in deliberations about public action, rhetoric is both a theory and a practical art.  On the one hand, it analyzes and models discourse practices, on the other hand, it produces and seeks to improve these practices.)  
  • History and Philosophy (they were my double minor) 
  • "Eco-comp" >> a little niche in teaching writing and rhetoric where we find those 'environmental' problems that are now being addressed in many academic fields and many more practical areas
  • Figuring out what Sustainability might be...
  • Conspicuous consumption and Eco-thos (I'll explain if you ask).
  • Science and Technology studies (as as part of a rhetorical, philosophical history)
  • Cool Books about the Economy or Capitalism
  • Detroit's urban gardens
  • Detroit (I love this city) 
  • Food (the science of food...the politics of food...the production of food...the consumption of food)  






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mike said

at 12:56 pm on Oct 18, 2011

I keep forgetting to ask... What is Eco-thos??

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