Need Help? PBworks is here for you...

Welcome to the PB works/PBwiki Help Page: Under Construction

The first thing you need to remember is this pbworks webspace is a "wiki, now under a new name: PBworks.

Now, if you want some help getting started?  Have a look at the manual and watch some videos!



This video (which we watched part of on the first day) is a very basic walk-through getting started with your wiki (ours is on pbworks), including a brief overview of what a wiki is, how to edit and save, how to add links and invite users. 



Three Tips:


Typing tip:  One important point to keep in mind: don't indent on the wiki. Separate paragraphs with a space instead. 


Linking Tip: To create a link.  Once in Edit mode, highlight a word, and click on the little Add Link button on the tool bar. Then select the link type you want:


Photo tip: if you want add a photo or picture, in edit mode, you can upload it from your computer by using the "images and files" link to the right of this screen (which you can only see when you're in EDIT MODE).  The picture file (or any file) you upload will then show up in a list below this button.  You then simply click on this new file and it will appear on your page wherever your cursor was. However, if you want to insert a photo that is already online, can just copy and paste it -- but this will not guarantee that it will stay on your page for very long (as you're 'borrowing bandwidth' and people sometimes find ways of preventing this)



Feel free to play around on this page's 




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