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group 1

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Rhetorical Outline

  1. What is being advertised?
    1. Wayne State University is different from other schools and offers you the best of everything.
  2. Who is making a claim?
    1. The Wayne State facility is using students from the school to make the claim.
  3. Who is the target audience?
    1. High school upper-class men and anyone who wants to further their education.


Group 1 Questions 

  1. What claim is it making?
    1. This ad is aiming to be different by stating that Wayne State is in the heart of a major city, offers hands on experience you can not find anywhere else, and produces many confident successful students and workers. 
    2. It clearly states that Wayne State is different and it shows all the beautiful landscapes that are located on campus to make the school seem nicer than it really is.
    3. A lot of the visuals are showing it's in the middle of Detroit and that it's making this city better and is showing improvement all around.
    4. Sports teams like football and basketball were shown and a lot of people are attracted and want to play sports in college.  The medical and science labs being in the ad reached out to all those who want to go into a medical field, showing that Wayne State is a great medical school to attend.  Adds in the very diverse community and makes it easier for people to make friends and be happy while living on campus.


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