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Page history last edited by Colton Michael Dale 12 years, 7 months ago

The advertisement here is promoting the extraordinary education that one can receive from Wayne State University.  Wayne State University is entity making the claim here, obviously.  The target audience would be prospective first-time students, as well as prospective transfer students.  This advertisement appears first in August of 2008.  The ad campaign that this certain ad comes from has been seen on billboards, television, Youtube, and Wayne State University’s website.  The main claim it is making is that the University provides an unprecedented, quality education and has a higher success rate for the students that graduate from it.  The reason they make this claim is because when people see this ad and see how successful the school is and how successful the people that work for the University are and the people that graduate for the University are, they are going to want to go study and get their degree there.  This ad in particular is quite effective, as it uses strong music with great, memorable melody, a diverse group of people and places shown, and it expands, visually, on how successful the University’s graduates and professionals are, showing doctors, athletes, professors, and graduates.  The professors and professionals shown in the ad are working hands on with the students, rather than just reading from textbooks and lecturing, which shows to the audience that Wayne State gives them a unique education that they can’t get in many other places elsewhere.  The ad uses many homey colors, and woods to convey an at-home feeling and a sense of comfort that it can provide for its students because surely a full-time on-campus student is going to want to feel at home on the Wayne State campus.  It is also using the school’s colors, which are green and yellow, to promote that when you see a green and yellow scheme of colors, you think of Wayne State University.  The font it uses is one of sophistication, certainly, as well as being modern, to convey just that.  The nature of the ad focuses on the education that the University can provide for its students because that is what they are selling to its audience.  They want to show the top of the line education it has, so that’s what they focus and build on.


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