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Kwame Kilpatrick

Page history last edited by Daree Shannon 12 years, 9 months ago

The Age of Persuading talked about how the Marketing Pioneers created products who created industries. There was the first company to link diamonds to engagements, how a traveling salesman and his date led to the first car rental. The pioneers overcame huge obstacles and forever changed the world. Persuading someone can be just as bad as hypnotizing them. If you want to gain your audience attention to drain it in their head over and over again that they need this product. Almost like hearing a song for over and over again it’s almost like brainwashing them. Politics often use certain strategies to gain their voters. They can often be brainwashed or persuaded themselves by the people in their camp. Kwame Kilpatrick is a politician that comes to mind when I think about the power of persuasion. Kwame Kilpatrick was the youngest African American ever to be elected mayor of Detroit. He was 31 years old. There were questions flying around about the decision to elect him mayor, because of his young age but he was elected anyway in 2001. He did a pretty good job as mayor in the beginning of his term and was elected a 2nd term in 2005. Not soon after that Kwame was accused of numerous crimes like corruption, bribery and murder. Kwame Kilpatrick was named the worst mayor because of these crimes. People all over the world especially people living in metro Detroit think he is the reason the city is one of the most dangerous in the world. But I think Kwame Kilpatrick is the victim. His name was always a part of controversy because he was the youngest mayor. His marriage unfolded publicly forcing his wife and children to face so much negative public attention. Kwame Kilpatrick did the best he could as mayor the city of Detroit is not Bucking Ham Palace. In Kwame’s defense I have to say he is not the first politician to make a few mistakes. The Chief of Staff Christine Beatty is just one of the accomplice from Kwame’s camp that contributed to these crimes we should try to see things from his perspective. He was under a lot of pressure due to both of his parents being politicians he had a lot to live up to. His parents were a huge factor that persuaded him to be a politician. He was accused of being corrupt his parents definitely persuaded him to do so. Kwame Kilpatrick is now trying to turn his life around. He served time for these crimes and has written a book. Similar to the Marketing Pioneers using persuading to target their audience Kwame Kilpatrick was a victim of persuasion. They both overcame huge obstacles and forever changed the world.

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