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Rough Draft

Page history last edited by perrinatisha 12 years, 7 months ago

     "The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.  No apologies or excuses.  No one to lean on, no one to rely on, and no one to blame.  The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.  This is the day your life really begins."  ~Bob Moawad~


     What does being in control truly mean? What is taking a challenge? What is making a commitment? How do we stay in control, take a challenge, and be committed if there are numerous advertisements about alcohol, cigarettes, and other tobacco products that are calling our names to go against what is right? Drugs have become a problem in advertisement, even though they are not exactly encouraged in the media they are still advertised in the mouths of those around us. The common response one might hear if someone confronts another about being an alcoholic or addicted to a certain type of drug or cigarette is, “It’s my body, I can do what I want with it.” These advertisements do not help one bit because they show the consumers what they want to see and hear but they do not show the reality. They do not show the effects of smoking cigarettes or drinking that bottle of Grey Goose Vodka. They want to sell the product not scare you away with the truth.


     A group that does a fine job helping people with these problems is Above the Influence. They recognize that yes, we as teens do have many pressures and they are here to help us. They strive to show the reality that these alcohol and tobacco ads are hiding.  We don’t like when someone takes control over our lives, such as our parents telling us what to do or other friends bossing us around. Just do you and if you do not like any one else in control then why would you allow alcohol or drugs to take that control? Stay strong and do not let pressure get the best of you. This is your life, you make the decisions and as Bob Moawad said, “You alone are responsible for the quality of it.”


     Sometimes we forget to look at the facts, according to msnbc.com 75,000 people die from alcohol abuse every year and it shortens their life by thirty years. Some might say, “Well I don’t drink everyday, I only get drunk like once a week.” When we are not in control and we can not take this life anymore that we are living we will turn to alcohol; getting drunk once a week turns into getting drunk twice a week, then three times a week, and then eventually everyday. Abuse does not happen over night it is something that is built up and then finally explodes to something worse and that is death. According to thetruth.com, tobacco kills 1200 people every day. This is not a joke, imagine, 1200 people dying everyday is 438,000 people in one year and in two years that is nearly 1,000,000 people dying. These facts are what these alcohol and tobacco ads do not show. They do not show people dying, they show people laughing, having fun, and living life. That is what I am going to explain today, where the ads are hiding the reality.




     First I would like to look at the different alcohol and tobacco ads that are being shown to the world. The first ad I would like to analyze is the Grey Goose Vodka ad. The slogan alone even hides us from the reality, “Where the Goose goes, the night will follow.” This can be taken in many different aspects. What they are trying to say is, “Hey drink our stuff and you will definitely get it in.” They do not come out and say it but it is in their ads. There are men and women kissing and drinking and simply going with the world’s definition of ‘fun’. They constantly talk about this ‘night’? Where is it taking us? Well this night will not be to much fun once you get pulled over for driving under the influence, it will not be fun once you enter into your home and you realize that your wife is waiting for you and wondering where you have been, it will not be fun the next morning when you can barely get up, which causes to miss work and potentially lose your job. This is the reality, not the laughs and not the sex or the women. Alcohol is no joke. This brings us back to the topic of control, if you cannot control your drinking than do not do it because it is only going to cause more and more problems.




     Tobacco is also of no help. There are more people dying of tobacco use then of alcohol. As you can see the two ads above, smoking is the cool thing to do. Something these ads constantly use are women and that is how they will sell their product because they make the consumer believe that if they buy their product they will get women and they will be considered cool! Once again these ads are hiding the reality. They are hiding the facts. Cigarettes may cause cancer, they blacken your lungs and teeth, and to my knowledge, smoking cigarettes is like planning on your death. Once again people use the excuse, “Life is short, we are going to die anyway.” Why wouldn’t you want to live as long as you could? Don’t you want to see your kids get married or even yourself get married? Don’t you want to be an uncle/aunt or grandpa/grandma? Tobacco takes your life away and similar to alcohol it destroys you, not over night but in time you will crumble and fall into your own grave.



     So where does Above the Influence come in? If you watch the ad about the stagehands you will realize that these teens are at a party all connected to strings. This is symbolizing that they are not in control of themselves; the alcohol is controlling them, the drugs are controlling them. If you are not in control, who is; such a great question. As I stated earlier if we must be in control, we must take that risk and say NO! At times we are scared, we are scared to tell our friends that you only want one glass of wine and not ten or you don’t want that blunt. We are afraid of what others will think of us. Well I tell you who cares what others think. When you are on your deathbed do you really think those people are going to be there with you holding your hand? If people cared about you they would respect that one glass of wine is okay or you don’t need the blunt or cigarette. It is all about who we surround ourselves with and its about being focused and never losing control. 



Comments (4)

Daree Shannon said

at 12:28 pm on Sep 22, 2011

I believe the thesis is Advertisements only show the positive sides of smoking and drinking in a attempt to get people to buy their products. This argument and purpose is clearly represented. The Exigencies of the paper is in the second paragraph I love how he asks the questions of who is in control of your life? Is it you or the drug advertisements? This is definitely something that teens go through when it comes to these ads persuading teens to drink and do drugs. There is a clear structure throughout the paper everything is connected but transitions are needed. However there are great ideas in every paragraph. I don’t think anything is being exaggerated in this paper because these drug and alcohol ads are a major problem and should be treated as such. The strongest part of the paper is in the third paragraph when he talks about the statistics of people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The weakest part is the intro I thought it could’ve been longer than just the quote maybe explaining the quote in the intro instead of doing the explaining in the next paragraph. If I had to come up with a counter argument to this paper I would talk about the positive sides of these ads. For example: Even though these ads are labeled as being inappropriate these ads are successful in getting the attention of their target audience. The paper is written well I saw no grammar problems or sentence fragments and it was easily worded I had no problems reading any of it.

Daree Shannon said

at 12:31 pm on Sep 22, 2011

I would give you an A minus it's a really good paper but transitions are needed when introducing new paragraphs

perrinatisha said

at 12:48 pm on Sep 22, 2011

Thank you!!! I kind of just liked the quote and thats why i put it there, it's something i truly live by!

Yashvir Riar said

at 12:53 pm on Sep 22, 2011

The thesis here illustrates how ad companies are not fully honest about their advertisements when dealing with harmful substances like alcohol and tobacco. The exigence and purpose of this paper both revolve around the social appeals of alcohol and tobacco in ads but the omittance of any of the negative aspects of these products. There is a clear sense of urgency shown to me for many reasons personally, but as a whole, this paper is reallyeffective in deliviring a message to the youth. I, personally, am a smoker so I have a vivid connection with this paper, however am I still able to objectively look at the facts shown. Structurally the paper effectively delivers information and remains an easy-read due to the slang common to young adults . There could be some work done on transitioning so the reader doesn't have to jump from one aspect to another, but instead flows into it. I feel the addition of "Why wouldn’t you want to live as long as you could? Don’t you want to see your kids get married or even yourself get married? Don’t you want to be an uncle/aunt or grandpa/grandma? " is unnecessary because these vary for everyone's different personal beliefs. I do not feel much was exaggarated here as the statistics were clearly shown, and all though the grey goose doesnt literally state "drink this and you'll get it in" it does pretty much imply it. The best aspect was the use of stastics and the use of the quotation. A negative aspect could be the highly opinionated aspect of the paper which I feel, should be a little more objective. A counter argument would be that most ads are required to remind the consumer to be careful and moderate, which ultimately means its the viewers choice to abuse the products. I would give this paper a solid B+

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