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About Me

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My Name is Perrin Atisha. I am currently a Sophomore at Wayne State. Something I love doing is putting a smile on peoples faces. A smile is a thousand words. Live, Love, Laugh. And make God #1 in your life! 


My Email: eh9089@wayne.edu


My Major: I am double majoring. I have decided to take up Philosophy and Psychology. 


Some of my interesting facts!:





2. I love food!!!


Typical day in the Atisha household: 


3. I have two brothers...my best friends


Preston: 21

Dillon: 17

Perrin: 18




4. One of my major hobbies is volunteering at a high school youth group. I am in charge of this group. It is called Chaldeans Loving Christ (CLC) 


We do skits every week and this is a collection of our skits:



I am extremely excited to be in this class and to be at Wayne State in general. I have experienced many different cultures and people throughout my college experience which have made it even more enjoyable. Looking forward to a great semester! 


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