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Mere Christianity Rough Draft

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          In this world there are many religions and many people who are against these religions. Everyone believes in something whether it’s a superior being or god or even a certain prophet or master. In this day and age it is hard to know what the “true religion” is. It is difficult to understand and put together everyone’s beliefs into one way of thinking, but that is what makes us unique, for if everyone believed in one thing this world would not be interesting and we would not be as knowledgeable. In C.S. Lewis’ book, Mere Christianity, he uses many rhetorical strategies to argue that indeed there is a God and he explains through these strategies the beliefs of Christians and the Christian behavior that we must all attend to.


            Lewis starts off his book by explaining that he is not writing this to offend anyone. He uses an analogy before delving into the book; he explains that life is like everyone in a big room. This room has many doors and everyone will not be choosing the same door, so we must not become angry or hostile to these people who choose a different door than us. We have to be kind to those who do not walk into the door that we walk into, we have to pray for them, and we have to love them. To analyze this, Lewis is explaining these doors as different religions, cultures, and sects. Not everyone is going to be Christian, Muslim, or Jewish. People are different, everyone believes in something different. This does not mean we must hate those with different views or beliefs than us; all we can do is pray and show them love that our Christian God has shown us. Lewis is correct, he is trying to show that he is not writing this book to offend anyone and he is not sitting here saying that if you are not Christian then you will burn in hell. The keyword is love and he explains this later in the book. 


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