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Oct 11

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Project one: analyzes the uses (and most often) abuses of rhetoric (such as persuasive language, images, sounds, and technologies).


Project two: analyzes the same uses and abuses of rhetoric, but also learns to see the vital (necessary and enlivening) uses of rhetoric in shaping and (even) creating knowledge through arguments.  Those little tricks and techniques you're tracking are the ground rules for most knowledge creation in language in the humanities, the social sciences, (even) the sciences, popular culture, advertising, politics, etc.



Workshops that make work better:


Now that you've begun your rhetorical analysis of a popular text written by a successful writer, it's time to work throughone or two of the following workshops as you work on your draft.



  1. Invention Questions:  Are you behind in your writing? Still not sure where to start?  Try thinking through the following invention questions to get you going... 
  2. Thesis ReduxWorkshop your introduction and rethinking your thesis
  3. The Art of SummarizingWorkshop your summary paragraph (or two)
  4. Paragraphs for Tools:  Workshop your body paragraphs around rhetorical tools 
  5. From Rhetorical to Critical! Workshop a section of your rhetorical analysis into a critical analysis (that is, when or if you want to analyze a claimthoroughly to to either cast suspicions on it or show it is debatable or dubious OR to analyze a claim that seems really important and to show your reader how the author develops this claim in important ways).  Be prepared to show some mastery of the enthymeme...



Due Thursday:

Good Rough Draft of Project Two


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