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Response 8

Page history last edited by Samey Abdulrub 12 years, 1 month ago

Post your link to your first draft of your "About the Author" page:

Sasha's  Response 8.docx

Hannah's About the Author:

Travis Rodery Travis Rodery's Page  

Perrin Atisha About the Author 

Dillon Fitzgerald About the Author DF   

Toma' Blue: About the Author Toma' Blue

Farah Sheikh : About the Authos Farah Sheikh.docx

Derek Blanton - About The Author

Colton Dale - Colton's About The Author

Marielle Frattaroli- About The Author (response 8)

Daree Shannon-http://a1020.pbworks.com/w/page/47366745/About%20The%20Author%20DS

Adam Klaser- Adam Klaser- About the Author

Mike Velasquez - Mike Velasquez - About The Author

Damien Gietzen - About the Author (Damien Gietzen)

response 8  anisa  

Ahmed Alshaibani-About the Author Ahmed


Paul Elden - About the Author (Paul Elden)


Nour Ghamrawi - About the Author


John Malinowski- About the author john


Samey Abdulrub - About the Author (Samey)

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