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Rough Draft project 1

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Amy Schneider

Grogan 1020


Rough Draft of Project 1


"The past was dead, the future was unimaginable." Pg. 28 (Orwell 1984). The quote is from 1984 the book that depicted how 1984 was going to look like. Until January 24, 1984 it was, or at least that’s what the Apple Corporation thought. In Super Bowl XVIII, Apple aired a commercial to advertise its new product the first Macintosh that included the refference to 1984. The mac was different from the pc. Mac wasn't just a business computer it was something completely different. The mac runs with a different software than pc. And with the commerical from Apple they proved that thier product was unimaginable compared to the past. We see this same idea from 1984 to the present. All the commercials use the same ethos, pathos, and logos as they did back in 1984. Even though Apple markets the pad, iPod, mac, and the iPhone all the commercials are the same in two ways; being different and youth.


Apple has always kept the idea that they are different and when you buy their products you will be youthful. All though they have the idea of their products being useful they don't just target the young audience, they target all ages. We see this in the 1984 commercial. With the young women running down the aisle she is destroying the screen controlling the bald white older men. This shows that apple will be better than the IBM and HP with the fact it’s different, new, hip, and young. This was different compared to the business IBM commercial in 1984 of the business men in the office. Apple was different, apple showed people that they weren't the business men. Even today compared to the commercial from Verizon wireless android. The commercial is a little girl who is running a lemonade stand and then it becomes a huge corporation just because she used an android. This isn't the approach apple makes. Apple when advertising the iPhone 4 had a commercial entirely of games. This paper will show how apple's think different and how they tell people to think different using ethos, pathos, and logos.


Let’s look at the first apple commercial of 1984. This commercial aired during the super bowl. The super bowl is the number one most watched event on television, so the idea was they wanted everyone to know that on January 24th, 1984 they were releasing the Macintosh. This is idea is logical. If you want to sell your product you should make sure that whatever you are selling is known. This commercial has logic in the advertisement itself. For example the idea that the mac is different than any other computer on the planet is portrayed very well when the woman is running down the aisle in colorful clothes compared to all gray suits the men are wearing. This is logical in saying that Macs are different. The commercial also affects the emotions of people. The book 1984 is very scary and to think that we are in that state affects people. With this idea, we see the effect of the sales of this computer. Another emotional aspect of this ad is the feminism. In the world of gray bald men this young beautiful woman comes down to break the mind control. This was a big deal for apple advertising because in all the IBM commercials prior to 1984 had no women in them, they were all business men. If you are in a man’s world and see this strong woman destroy evil it has a lot more emotional value then just two business men in suites talking about computers. Now all these examples I had mentioned work for ethos too. The idea that computers are just for business men was societies main deal and then apple says this computer is going to be different and then shows someone who is not a business man just goes against this ideology of only office people can have computers.


Let’s take these ideas and look how apple kept them going through out their commercials today. The new mac commericals include an older man and a younger man. The olderman is a pc and the younger man is a Mac. The olderman in a suite and the younger man in a hip clothing shows that once again Mac is not like a PC. This commercial is still labling pc being all for buisness and the mac all for fun. This is logical when you want to say Macs are differnt than an hp, dell, toshiba, samsung, and every other peice of technology not made by Apple. Just like in the older commercials these comercials have ethos as well. They have the idea that the Mac is younger and hip and when your in school and about to get a laptop and move away from all your friends you want to be cool. That means if cool cost $1,000 you bet that the money that your Aunt Jane gave you for your graduation party will be used to make you cool. This is just societys way of making you cool. I need to have an iPhone even though Wayne State doesn't get Verizon and AT&T service anywhere. But none of that matters as long as I can play angry birds in my English class. That idea is placed into the heads of society and the comercial helps that idea.


When looking at the iPhone commercials they don’t see to show ethos, pathos, and logos right? Wrong even though they are just of the iPhone it still shows all of that rhetoric attributes. The fact that the only thing the consumer sees is the iPhone is logos right there. Why do I need to see people shopping for these phones like the android when I can just see the iPhone and what it offers me? Now there’s that approach which is a logical approach when looking at those types of people. Now they go into some pathos and get all emotional with the iPhone 4 and say hey you can talk to your kid now because we have face time. This affects the emotional value of people who travel who don’t get to see their kids so often and instead of talking to them on the phone they can see them easier. When looking at ethos we could go into the idea of the first iPhone. The idea of a cell phone before the iPhone was simple. Besides talk the coolest things I can do on my phone like check some sports scores, play midnight pool and bejeweled are limited by my chubby fingers and these small keyboards. But the iPod can do so much and now it can call and we will make it the iPhone. I have unlimited apps, a touch screen, and all my music in my phone. The idea of this was almost unheard of and then Apple does these things. And the way they advertise it is just showing those things. I can search the closet seafood restaurant right now as I am walking down the street. Or I can go on the internet, listen to music, and then all of the sudden I get a call from my good friend Johnny Appleseed. These are the ads that show all of the rhetoric’s just like the 1984 add without showing you people.

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