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Adam Klaser- About the Author

Page history last edited by Adam Klaser 11 years, 3 months ago


Looking back on my previous experiences, which have numerous in number, I realize that without these I would not be the same writer that I am today.


     When I began this class I thought that I was reasonably well prepared due to my previous experiences. Even though I feel confident the one problem that I have been on is trying to identify an audience. Before project three I never had to write to anyone except for my classmates. In order to develop my skills in identifying an audience I feel that I changed my approach in brainstorming and the way I used invention questions. I’m starting to value these procedural strategies because of the fact that they help me to develop a strong topic to write about. Now, the conceptual strategies that I’ve been developing are mostly rhetorical tools. In project two I used ethos to do an analysis of how MItlon Friedman makes his claim that capitalism is necessary for economic and political freedom. I also used an enthymeme to do a critique on one of Friedman’s claims that government involvement leads to coercion. For project three I will definitely have to use ethos in order to effectively define what globalization really means. For future projects I would really like to write about economics (since I’m majoring in it) or something closely related. I would love to write to economic professors or politicians since I plan on working with those types of people. 

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