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About the Author (Damien Gietzen)

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1) What are your previous experiences with writing in high-school or college (not only in English courses, but other courses, jobs, or your daily life)?


My previous experiences with writing are limited mostly to what I was assigned in high school.  English classes are, for the most part, the only places I needed to do any significant amount.  The only other writing experience I have is from when I was an intern at a plastics company.  I did technical writing for work instructions.  Basically I had to write out, in the most easily understood way, how to operate machinery and perform tasks that would eventually lead to finished products.  It sounds a lot more difficult that it really is.  In the most basic sense, I would go to the shop floor and watch how a particular job was performed.  I would then create instructions on that job, including photos, that would make it easier for someone new to learn that job.


2) Do you feel well prepared for college level reading? Why or why not?


I feel quite confident for college level reading.  I haven't been required to do much of it in the 3 years I've been in college, but I do read articles in my spare time.  Most of the readings deal with science related topics since that is my focus in college.  


3) Do you feel well prepared for college level writing? Why or why not?


I am hesitant to say that I am well prepared for college level writing.  The reason for saying this is because I have been at Wayne State for 3 years and have only written a handful of papers.  With that said, I do feel that I have the ability to be a strong writer.  Throughout high school most of my english teachers have commented on my papers, saying that they were very well-written.  I strongly believe, especially with what I have learned so far this semester, that I am progressing in skill each day.


4) What do you hope to gain from this class? Can you think of any intellectual (critical thinking, critical reading skills, research skill, or other habits of mind) or practical skills (specific strategies of writing, reading, research, or communication generally)  that you might want or expect in this class?


I think that I have a good grasp on skills of the intellectual kind.  For the most part, I hope to keep learning more rhetorical tools that I will be able to utilize to enhance my papers.  I would like to continue gaining a strong grasp on using ethos, pathos and logos as well as any skills that I may not know about.  The way I see it, the more skills I have the better.


5)  This can be a short answer:  Are there any particular topics or issues that you would like us to engage in class reading and discussion? (What do you like to read about/discuss with others?) If you could research and write about any topic (or topics) what would it be and why?  If you could write (effectively and persuasively) to any one person, organization or group of people, who might would you like to reach? 


As aforementioned, I am focusing on the sciences.  With that said, I am really interested in the abstract.  Questions about reality and cognition.  I know those are kind of difficult topics to touch upon, since they are so abstract.  I am also interested in drugs (specifically hallucinogens) as well as pop-culture and counter cultures.


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