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About the Author ( Nour)

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About the Author

I’ve always dreaded English, it was one of those subjects I couldn’t master. In other subjects I could memorize a formula and know how to plug numbers into it, and in other classes there are charts or graphs I could memorize to be successful. English however I could never fully succeed in, especially when it came to writing papers. My main weaknesses are vocabulary and thought organization. My vocabulary has been the same for quite a few years and I haven’t been expanding on it. It’ something I would really like to improve on. Thought organization is my second weakness, I always know what I want to say and how I want to come out but I always find it extremely difficult to put my thoughts together and a smooth flow with clear transitions from one thought to the next. This class has helped me a lot with structure because of the several questions that are asked before beginning to write. It makes me thing harder about what I need to say and the order in which how I should say it. In project two I used a lot of logos and pathos. Seeing as project three has a similar topic I plan to use pathos and logos as well but more pathos. For future projects I would really like to write about business or technology since both fields interest me.


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