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Response 10

Page history last edited by toma 8 years, 10 months ago

Follow the same steps in this week's rhetorical exercise evaluating Detroit.

Create your own well-designed planning guide for Project 4.

Deposit your Link Below:


 Sasha's response 10.docx

Daree Shannon http://a1020.pbworks.com/w/page/48021255/Stem%20cell%20research%20outline

Perrin Atisha Response Ten

Dillon Fitzgerald Response 10 DEM

Travis Rodery Project 4 BBCOR

Adam Klaser- Adam Klaser- Response Dies

Amy Schneider-Project 4/ Response 10

Paul Elden-Paul's Tenth Response

Samey Abdulrub - Response 10 (Samey)

Mike Velasquez - Reaktionszeit zehn

Derek Blanton -

Nour Ghamrawi - Smoking Should be Illegal

Toma Blue:   Depression Project Four

Ahmed Alshaibani-Response 10 (Ahmed)

Damien Gietzen:   Response 10 ( Legalize Marijuana )

Marielle Frattaroli: Reality TV Shows

Colton Dale - Colton Dale - Response 10

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