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Nov 10th

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Project Three Paragraph Editing Tips:

Common problems with project two:


Project Three Sentence Level Editing Tips: 

Richard Nordquist's top ten sentence-list for sentence level editing.

Use this checklist as a guide when editing paragraphs and individual sentences.

  1. Is each sentence clear and complete?

  2. Can any short, choppy sentences be improved by combining them?

  3. Can any long, awkward sentences be improved by breaking them down into shorter units and recombining them?

  4. Can any wordy sentences be made more concise?

  5. Can any run-on sentences be more effectively coordinated or subordinated?

  6. Does each verb agree with its subject?

  7. Are all verb forms correct and consistent?

  8. Do pronouns refer clearly to the appropriate nouns?

  9. Do all modifying words and phrases refer clearly to the words they are intended to modify?

  10. Is each word in the essay appropriate and effective?



Back to the Lab!

Link to Detroit Evaluation Argument Exercise 


Timeline for the rest of the exercise: (stopwatch)


1/2 hour:

Step 4: the Planning Guide


15 min: 

Quick Peer Review 


15 min:

Basic Wiki Page Design


Due today:

Post final links to pages here:

Include a "Main Page" with links to all four team evaluation plans, and any other designs you see fit or have time for.








Due Tuesday:

Response 10 (formal)



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