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  1. Mangooian Manison Scandal
  2. Misuse of Tax Dollars
  3. Hired Friends and Family
  4. Slander Suit


  1. Text Messaging Scandal
  2. Synago Scandal

His Destruction of Detroit

  1. He was Materialistic
  2. Never put the good of the city first
  3. Arrogant
  4. Ignorant


Introduction Paragraph:

As of May 2011, 20% of Detroit’s population is unemployed, and sadly, that’s up from when Kwame Kilpatrick was mayor, he had an unemployment rate of 25%. Kilpatrick was elected into office in 2001. He promised the city many opportunities and pledges; he would put Detroit back on the map. Unfortunately, that was not the case, he cause much pain to the citizens of Detroit. With his ruthlessness, Kwame Kilpatrick became the most corrupted mayor in Detroit history because of his scandals, controversies, and his destruction of Detroit.


Tips for Background Section:

  1. Defintion of Mayors and examples of other mayors, i.e. Coleman Young.
  2. Definition of Kwame's Terms in office ( Timelines).

Tips for Other Paragraphs:

  1. Compare Kwame to Mayor McGinn, Mayor of Seattle.
  2. Evalute Kwame's selfish actions direct effect on Detroit.
  3. Kwame shows no remorse, made book deal.


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