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Response Ten

Page history last edited by perrinatisha 12 years, 6 months ago

Step 1: "Introduction Plan"


Claim: Abortion is unethical because it is taking the life of an unborn baby, not only does it leave numerous physical side effects, it also leaves many psychological issues for women to deal with. 


Category: Many will argue that abortion is not wrong because of the issue of when life begins…this is not just the focus. Abortion is just a broad topic, its deeper than that…what about the effect it leaves afterwards? What about other options? Why is Abortion the first result to every pregnancy problem?


Criteria: Practical and Ethical


Audience: College Students, those who are pro-choice


Step 2: "Tips on researching and drafting a Background section"


What I, the author, will be doing is looking at Abortion through a different sense. With my audience being college students, I have realized that these students are very adamant about their values and beliefs because I am the same way. So it is very hard to change someone’s belief. I am not writing this paper to change anyone’s belief but to bring out the truth of abortion because people tend to focus on life and when it begins but there are so many more issues that abortion causes that I will focus on.


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Step 3: "Tips on organizing and drafting body paragraphs" 



  1. Introduction Paragraph
    1. Outline our criteria and introduce the topic of Abortion, definition 
  2. Paragraph I
    1. Description of Abortion, different types of abortion 
    2. Brief history of Roe vs Wade
  3. Paragraph II
    1. Give Counter Arguments:
      1. What if she is raped?
      2. What if she is unable?
      3. What if she is unstable?
      4. The fetus is not life  
  4. Paragraph III
    1. Story of Kenya Women 
  5. Paragraph IV
    1. Give personal experience
      1. standing outside of abortion clinics
      2. being a witness  
  6. Paragraph V
    1. Give side effects of abortion
      1. Physcal
      2. Psychological (long-term)
  7. Paragraph VI
    1. Give other options to abortion 
    2. How do we solve this problem? 
    3. Closing Paragraph
      1. Restate claim
      2. Wrap up all topics covered throughout paper  


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