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Stem cell research outline

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Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is the research of embryonic stem cells that can now be grown and transformed to help health people with diseases and disabilities.




Stem cell research is a wonderful new study that has revolutionized the world of medicine.




Stem cell research would be the several ways stem cells can help people with diseases and disabilities




Cons vs. Pro’s of stem cell research




Other countries who allow stem cell research


Forums who support the new cure for cancer and disabilities


Asscociations and Organizations that support stem cell research


Economics of stem cell research will insurance pay for it etc


Intro paragraph:


Grab audience attention


The term Miracle used to describe the new study on Stem cell research


Describe exactly how stem cell research works


The beginning of the research, ups and downs


It finally got approval by Barack Obama


1st paragraph:


The pro’s of stem cell research


The reasons why stem cell research is so essential to people’s health


Famous supporters of stem cell research


2nd paragraph:


Cons of stem cell research


The reasons why people are so against it


Diseases vs. Spinal cord injuries


Famous non supporters of stem cell research


3rd paragraph:


Economics of stem cell research


The amount of money that is needed to due the correct testing


How health care and insurance plays in the role of patients receiving stem cell surgeries


4th paragraph:


Countries that have already allowed doctors to use stem cell research


Other countries vs. United States


The morals, dreams and opportunities the United States has but won’t allow stem cell research


5th paragraph:


Organizations and Associations that support stem cells research


Forums that have supporters share their thoughts and opinions


The future of stem cell research


Analogy of stem cell research to starving children


6th paragraph:


Conclusion: wrap up essay


Daree Shannon

Stem Cell Research

Research questions:

Why is stem cell research needed?

What is stem cell research specifically?

What is the history of stem cell research?

How was stem cell research discovered?

How to evaluate the recent lift on the ban by Obama


Stem cell research is the new discovery that embryonic stem cells can now transform the lives of people living with incurable diseases and permanent disabilities. It’s the miracle cure that doctors and scientists have spent years to research, test and get approval to use on humans, but with all the controversy it’s been a problematic discovery. Stem cells were first discovered in the 1800s they can give rise to other cells making them a progenitor to human cells. Progenitor cells mean they can only divide a certain amount of times. (Technical communication) Stem cell research involves both human and animal cells. The controversy involving embryonic stem cell research is the destruction of living human embryos. In September 2005 California Scientists discovered the cure for paralysis when they successfully injected human neural stem cell in a paralyzed mouse. The injection repaired the spinal cord allowing the mouse to walk again. It was the first time human transplantable cells used to fix the nervous system and heal the spinal cord. (Technical communications) Human embryonic stem cell research is also responsible for the cure of brain disease. Researchers at the Stanford Burnham Medical Research Institute recently discovered the molecular messengers that are responsible for translating inflammatory signals into genetic changes that stimulate stem cells to differentiate. The discovery that microglia develop for only a short period after conception allows researchers to manipulate stem cells to produce viable microglia, in the hopes of replacing damaged microglia present in the brain. (Technical communication) Stem cell research should be saving people’s lives but instead it presents a danger to the rest of the world

Stem cell research has many positive attributes. The pros of stem cell research includes prolonging and improving the lives of people living with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, type 1 diabetes, birth defects, and spinal cord injuries. (Experiment resources) Embryonic stem cells are essential for people’s health millions of people suffer and die from diseases and disabilities every year. There are many supporters of stem cell research including Christopher Reeves, Michael J. Fox, Jeff Suppan, Kurt Warner, Mike Sweeney, Patricia Heaton, Jim Caviezel. (Washington Post) Michael J. Fox suffers from Parkinson’s disease and has made it his life goal to the approval of stem cell research. In 2006 he was in a 30 second Missouri commercial supporting stem cell research for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Claire McCaskill. Celebrities have a long history of supporting political candidates. But there's no question that Fox, who campaigned for John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race, is uniquely suited as a spokesman for stem cell research.


On the Other Hand there is also a lot of controversy surrounding stem cell research. People who are against stem cell research view it as a useless discovery. The con of stem cell research includes people messing with human life, humans trying to play God, and the possibility of human cloning. (Experiment Resources) Scientists use stem cells from aborted fetuses to cure diseases and disabilities. Critics against stem cell research argue that a fertilized egg should be valued as human life and destroying it in the hopes of saving lives is unethical. (Experiment Resources) Another argument critics have against stem cell research is that embryonic stem cell treatments can sometimes create tumors. ((Wikipedia) President George Bush was not a fan of stem cell research. In 2001 he declared that scientists who received federal research funds could only work with a handful of stem cell lines (Genome News Network) Congress has threatened to make it illegal to use cloning to create new stem cell lines for biomedical research. (Genome News Network) These actions created by the White House are responsible for the bans on human embryonic stem cell research.

Stem cell research is a miracle breakthrough in medicine. It could help so many people with life threatening illnesses and unchangeable disabilities. But with the major threats and controversies against it, it may never get to solve these medical problems. I think the United States should think about its goals and opportunities it promises its citizens. The U.S. is set on making this the greatest country to live in but won’t allow a historical breakthrough like human embryonic stem cells to help and save people’s lives. It’s been proven to work researchers have successfully repaired the spinal cord in mice. Yet people still have doubts about this procedure. They view the destroying of human cells has wrong, but these are stem cells that will be put in the waste basket anyway. Why shouldn’t they be used to help repair and save lives?



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