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Project 4 Response 10

Page history last edited by amy.schneider85 12 years, 6 months ago

Project 4 Outline:





Step 1: The problem with today’s youth is the lack of will to improve and do better as a society.

The category that my project is in is Human Development.

My criteria for this project will be ethical and practical.

Society today is selfish and lazy. The way that America’s youth is becoming is both sickening and insulting. The way that youth is selfish towards their fellow man and the lack of graduates from  high school is extremely displeasing.

Step Two: I think most of my generation would disagree with me.  I think that my generation would disagree because they think they are right. The selfish I don’t care act is one of the main problems of my generation and it really should change.  I think anyone breathing should really take this in to consideration especially the political groups that support change such as gay lesbian and transgender groups or more in our area, the people of the Rebuild Detroit.  Such organizations that try to make our society improve should really pay attention to try to bring in the youth to help out and grow as a society.


Step 3: when evaluating my generation we need to think about:

  1. 1.       Who brought us up
  2. 2.       Why we act the way we do
  3. 3.       The differences between now and then
  4. 4.       Fashion back then and now
  5. 5.       Manners
  6. 6.       Ethics
  7. 7.       Changes in political and social figures


Step 4:



1)      The potential audience for my essay should be my generation and future generations parents,

2)      Sources of reading on these topics









3)      A counter argument on this is that we are still a young group and still need time to grow as a society.


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