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Response 10 (Samey)

Page history last edited by Samey Abdulrub 11 years, 2 months ago

Step 1: "Introduction Plan"

Claim: The way the NFL playoff bracket is setup is a bad way and should be changed because now the level of difficulty in the divisions are different from each other and it takes away opportunities of teams with higher game records to get into the playoffs allows other teams with a lower record to get into the playoffs.


Audience: National Football League Committee and those who watch the NFL games.


Step 2: "Tips on researching and drafting a Background section"

I will be showing how the NFL playoff bracket is today and why it is flawed and needs to be changed through a few examples of teams with good records that didn't make the playoffs. Also, I will give my idea of a much better way of how the NFL playoff bracket should be setup. 


Work Cited:

"How Are the NFL Playoffs Set Up? - Yahoo! Answers." Yahoo! Answers - Home. Web. 15 Nov. 2011. <http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20101111133749AAUujSj>.


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Step 3: "Tips on organizing and drafting body paragraphs"


      Introduce topic of the NFL playoff bracket and state claim.

2nd paragraph:

     Explain how the NFL playoff bracket is set up today

3rd Paragraph:

     State some counter-arguments that some might propose

4th and 5th paragraph:

     Go on the attack and state why it is a bad setup and why it should be changed

6th paragraph:

    Give examples of teams that had a losing record and still made it to the playoffs and teams with winning record and didn't make the playoffs.

Closing Paragraph:

     Restate Claim and basically wrap up my evaluation.

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