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Smoking Should be Illegal

Page history last edited by Nour Ghamrawi 12 years ago

Step 1

Claim: Smoking has an outrageous number of negative side effects not only health related, smoking should be made illegal. This is due to the fact that smoking not only affects the smoker but in a negative way, however it also effects the general population in a negative way.

Category: Many will argue that smoking is only the smoker’s business and he/she is responsible for their own health therefore the decision should be up to them and no one else is allowed to intervene. However by smoking there affecting our environment, the health of people nearby, negative role models, and etc.

Criteria: Ethical, Logical, and Practical

Audience: Anyone who is a smoker as well as anyone who is anti-smoking.


Step 2

My goal is to show smoking through a different perspective, some people see it as cool, and some see it just as a way to relax, but I plan to incorporate many negative facts, and add pictures and videos that will enforce my opinion.






Step 3


  1. Introduction Paragraph
    1. Outline and introduce the topic of smoking, with a “scary” attention getter.
  2. Paragraph I
    1. Description of Smoking, different types of smoking. 
    2. History of how smoking began.
  3. Paragraph II
    1. Give Counter Arguments:
      1. Freedom of will
      2. Political party will never be able to pass such law
      3. People are addicted to it
      4. It will put many people out of jobs
  4. Paragraph III
    1. Give side effects of smoking
      1. Physical
      2. Psychological
  5. Paragraph IV
    1. Give personal experience
      1. Lost family members because of smoking related cancer
      2. Seen what smoking can do to a family financially
  6. Paragraph V
    1. Give other options to smoking
    2. How do we solve this problem? 
  7. Closing Paragraph
    1. Restate claim
    2. Wrap up all topics covered throughout paper





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