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The Tuition Spiral Project Four

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What is the cause of depression and can it be permenantly reversed?


Claim: Depression can come from any experience or anything thing in a persons life. Loss of job, family member, or an relationship can contribute to be some of the causes.  


Depression and the Stages of it. Its affects. 




State the definition as a problem you hope to resolve, rather than an 'issue'. By presenting your issue as a problem you raise the possibility of positive change.


 I hope to show everyone including medical doctors that if depression isnt properly treated that it can lead to more serious things for the patient whos diagnosed with deepression. 


Category: Many will propbaly argue that depression isnt all that serious and that we shouldnt care about it, but I believe otherwise because the proven facts and history of depression honeslty shows that harm can be done. People need to answer these questions like, how is depression caused? And/or why do many people suffer from it?


Criteria: Logos


Audience: Young Adults, People with depression, people who dont know about depression

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