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Response 10 ( Legalize Marijuana )

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Claim:    Legalizing marijuana is a good idea because it provides a huge economic potential, it will durastically improve our prison system and drug war conditions and is a safer alternative than both ciggarettes or alcohol.


Audience:    Anybody who is against the legalization of marijuana or for it.





I will be covering the economic advantages of marijuana including hemp and possible taxation, the potential improvement on the criminal end including allieviating high prison numbers and attempting to solve the drug war problems, and finally that marijuana is a safer alternative than both ciggarettes or alcohol.  I will also look at particular case studies such as Amsterdam and California.


Potential Sources:


Gieringer, Dale. "Economics of Legalization." NORML. National Orginization for the Reform

     of Marijuana Laws, June 1994. Web. 14 Nov. 2011.



"Hemp." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 15 Nov. 2011.



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Paragraph Outline


  1. Introduction Paragraph
    1. Start with statistic
    2. Introduce claim
  2. Body Paragraph I
    1. Hemp
      1. What it is and why it's illegal
      2. How it's being used around the world
  3. Body Paragraph II
    1. Taxation of Marijuana
      1. Statistics and Figures
        1. Compare with ciggarette taxes
  4. Body Paragraph III
    1. Alleiviating high prison numbers
      1. Statistics of people in jail for marijuana
      2. How much money it costs to keep "perpetrators" in prison
      3. These laws are ruining the lives of many families
  5. Body Paragraph IV
    1. Case study on Amsterdam
      1. Piggy-backing the previous paragraph on low crime rates in the country 
  6. Body Paragraph V
    1. War on Drugs
      1. Statistics on drug cartel activity
      2. Many people being kidnapped or killed
      3. Legalizing marijuana will eliminate the the cartels impact by making their main product easily and legally accessable in the U.S.
  7. Body Paragraph VI
    1. Marijuana is safer than ciggarettes and alcohol
      1. Comparing substance-related affects of each
        1. Marijuana is not addictive like other drugs
  8. Body Paragraph VII
    1. Case Study on California
      1. Trinity County
        1. Economy
        2. Crime Rate
      2. Looking at potential of nation-wide legalization
  9. Conclusion
    1. Restating the claim
    2. Wraping up all topics touched upon throughout paper 

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