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Mike's Response 11

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Research Questions: 

  1. 1 What socioeconomic factors caused the need for a single payer healthcare system?


  1. Why was/is there such a backlash against the reform of a system that is failing people that need it so much?
    1. Does America really object a single payer healthcare system or is it the ‘fair and balanced’ news organizations that fake numbers and politicians tie it to communism or death panels? 



          1. Firsthand stories of trouble with insurance companies and with being under/un-insured

2. Comparisons of the US health care system with those in other nations with comparable economies.


  1. Statistics
    1. Individuals under/un-insured
    2. Families under/un-insured
    3. Individuals who die of treatable illnesses that insurance would not pay for
    4. Individuals who go to the ED of a hospital instead of a PCP

          2. health-carenow.org

  1. American Medical Association
  2. AARP



The insurance companies and big pharma make a killing, no pun intended.., off of patients who are in need of health care. If the insurance companies paid for all of their customers health care needs, the honest thing to do, they would not make a profit that they are happy with. There can be no mixture of honest health care and greed without heavy regulation. Because this is not politically feasible, health care in the US, for the sake of the American public, should be nationalized.


Possible Research Articles:

 . "House passes Senate's health care 'fixes' bill." CNN Politics. CNN, 03 25 2010. Web. 14 Nov 2011. <http://articles.cnn.com/2010-03-25/politics/health.care.main_1_health-care-initial-bill-senate-republicans?_s=PM:POLITICS>.

. "What is Single Payer Healthcare?." Healthcare NOW!. Healthcare NOW!, n.d. Web. 14 Nov 2011. <http://www.healthcare-now.org/whats-single-payer/>.


Describes the impact of the Affordable Care Act



General information on health care reform



The official website for the new health legislation.


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