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Rough Draft; Fuel Economy

Page history last edited by Ahmed Alshaibani 12 years, 8 months ago

How can a country that is so powerful in the world market be brought o its knees by a less powerful country? Energy dependence, that’s how. This is a major problem in the United States. We are too dependent on foreign oil to drive or economy. Nearly Every aspect of our lives is dependent on oil we import or drill. But how much is too much? How much are you willing to fork out to put gas in your car? How much longer are we going to allow oil companies to take advantage of our pocket book? Wake up and smell the tailpipe people. We have fell behind in terms of fuel efficiency. We use this oil as if there is an unlimited supply. Here’s the kicker, it isn’t. With the supply of oil dwindling, major changes need to be made.


Oil is a necessity in the American lifestyle. We use it to produce power to power our homes and to run our cars. Of all the oil used in America, over fifty percent of that oil is used as gasoline to power automobiles. With such a large amount of gasoline being used by cars, why isn’t fuel efficiency improved. Why are cars only averaging a fuel efficiency of only 25 miles per gallon? It’s 2011.  From 1950 until the 1970s, fuel economy averages nearly doubled in the quake of shortened supply of oil being shipped from Iran to the rest of the oil. For this reason, gas prices skyrocketed; forcing car engineers to rethink about the ways cars use gasoline. In this period of time, gas mileage went from around 10 miles per gallon to a whopping 25 miles per gallon. This is a very significant improvement. Here’s where the problem begins. Around the 1970s, oil price dropped once again, and interest in developing more fuel-efficient cars declined. Since the 1970s until present day, fuel efficiently, rather than increasing, has declined! How does this make any sense? The supply of oil has been decreasing, yet fuel efficiency decreases as well. Something must seriously be messed up in the minds of these car manufacturers. This is the common belief, until one looks at the big picture. Only then does one realize what a huge role the oil industry plays.




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