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Mike's Response 12

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The state of the health care system of the United States is macabre and in dire need of repair. Although there have been many efforts to reform it, the current system in place is wrought with the discrepancies and unethical turbulence that has existed since the early 1950s (PBS). With the passing of the Affordable Care Act in early 2010, the state of the US Health Care System is on its way to repair, but not fast enough. Throughout American history, health care has been a low priority to policymakers and has fallen victim to acrid politics.


     In order to offset the devastating economic and humanitarian costs of poor access to health care, it is in every American citizen’s best interest that a single payer health care system be implemented in the United States.  A single payer health care system is a form of government operated insurance. This insurance excludes many of the follies of private insurance companies that have caused the downfall of millions of Americans. Many Americans cannot afford private insurance. The rates and expenditures that go along with private insurance are just too high. Private insurance companies, before a version of health care legislation was passed, were able to drop paying customers in times of need if the condition were preexisting.


     There is a problem with health care in America. However, it is not a problem of socialize v. capitalism, as it has been made out to be. It is not the patients’ wellbeing that has taken priority by private insurance companies, but the profits they make.  Greed is the problem behind the health care crisis in America.








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