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Descriptive Outline

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Paragraph Says  Does  Research
1 Abortion is a problem all around the world  Gives definition of abortion and shows a preview of the evaluation and argument Wikipedia "Abortion"
Going to Catholic Schools made him closed minded, made him think all these controversies were wrong but never gave any reasons  Gives personal information on own life and relates it to college experience   
42 million abortions are preformed every year, 1.21 million in the US alone  Describes the facts and statistics of abortion  Center for Bio-Ethical Reform 
The side effects of abortion are not worth having one  Explains the counterarguments of abortion and then gives side effects both physical and emotional American Pregnancy Association  
Most abortions are done out of convenience and not from rape or incapability  Explains why someone might go through with an abortion    
Adoption is much better then abortion   Proposes different options   
Says how in high school the author never thought of abortion as entirely wrong, talks about prayer group in front of abortion clinics  Describes how it felt to be at abortion clinic, feelings, emotions    
8 Goes on to talk about how he never gave up and still went back  Gives a description of how a woman is effected by a small prayer group    
9 Adoption may be hard but it is worth it and much easier then abortion   Gives a closing statement and goes back to other options for abortion   


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