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We should care about the issue of abortion because it is destroying the lives of women and not only women but their families and even partners. The issue with evaluating and arguing abortion is that there are so many pro-life and pro-choice activists out there that some people tend to get annoyed once they hear someone talking about abortion. My proposal is to get women to understand that abortion isn't all that great and some may think it is a problem solver but it isn't! It is just another problem this women is putting on her list. If women did realize that there are other options instead of abortion than there would be one less problem in the world. And once you end one thing you can go on to change the rest of the world. 


Problem statement:


Most people know why abortion is a major problem. Like I said above it is not only destroying lives of the women but obviously taking away a life that could have grown to be something great. The problem is that these women do not understand the side effects both physical and emotional. Imagine, you have an abortion...congratulations you just got rid of the situation but not the problem. The problem is not just killing this baby and in my paper I explain that it places stress on this woman. 


Method or Approach:


I made my definition clear...what is abortion? When most people argue about abortion they take the approach of "When does the stage of life begin?" To me abortion is more than that and I argued about the life of the woman who is thinking about the abortion. I used many statistics on who gets abortions and why as well as how many abortions are preformed every year in the US and world wide. The reason why I argued for the mother was because many people just think about this baby which is the right approach but no one ever talks about the mother? What happens to her after the abortion? And is abortion really a choice because at times these women are forced and are brainwashed into thinking that the only way out is abortion. 




Abortion is not just about the baby it effects the mother in ways that may be a lifetime of stress, guilt, anxiety, and depression. Why would a girl or even older woman want to put herself in that situation...there are other options...there are other ways out. I use proof that women who usually have abortions do it out of convenience. Many people argue that abortion needs to be legalized because women are raped and some are too young to handle a baby. I show that women are receiving abortions because they don't want it and simply out of convenience just to make their lives better but in fact they don't know that they are only worsening their lives. 




I believe that my proposal will change the world because the focus is always placed on the baby and sometimes we tend to forget about the mother and that is a problem. Imagine all the stress this woman is going through. She is about to make a decision whether it is out of convenience or not she is still making a decision that will change her life. It may not hit her right then and there but maybe years later it may come up and she may think...what could my child have been? There needs to be more counseling for these woman during their pregnancies...abortion has become as easy as 1...2...3. It is ridiculous, its like ordering pizza. These women find out they are pregnant and the next day they have an appointment at an abortion clinic. So my goal is that when you take the other option, which is adoption, you fix the problem and not just the situation. 


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