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Response 14-The Tree of Life

Page history last edited by Adam Klaser 12 years, 3 months ago

Descriptive Outline:



Says: This paragraph gives three reasons why The Tree of Life is a breakthrough in popular cinema.

Does: This paragraph describes what is going to be evaluated and how it going to be done.

2nd Paragraph

Says: This section gives a better understanding of why The Tree of Life breakthrough in cinema because of the three criteria.

Does: This paragraph provides an exigence for why the topic is important

3rd Paragraph

Says: This paragraph basically talks about why cinematography is important in film and the importance of genre when evaluating a film.

Does: Provides a background of information that will useful in understanding the argument.

Research: This paragraph draws on defintions of cinemtography and drama to establish ethos. It also uses quotes from a well-known cinematographer to further the writer's ethos.

4th Paragraph
Says: This paragraph discusses why The Tree of Life is a breakthrough because of the use camera motion and lighting.

Does: This paragraph gives the first reason for the issue being discussed.

Research: Uses quotes from the actual cinematographer of the film, Emanuel Lubeski.

5th Paragraph

Says: This paragraph offers the three maing meaning of the film and shows how they all connect in order to created a storyline.

Does: Provides the seacond reason for why the issue is being discussed.

6th Paragraph:

Says: This paragraph talks how THe Tree of Life makes a connection with the audience through the memories of the eldest son Jack when he is an adult.

Does: Offers the third reason for why the problem is being discussed.

Research: Uses a quote for Roger Ebert to show how The Tree of Life makes a personal connection with each individual viewer.

7th Paragraph:

Says: Brings up the counter-argument for why The Tree of Life is not a breakthrough in cinema and also provides a resemblence to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey  to show why it should be considered a true breakthrough.

Does: This paragraph provides a counter-argument for the topic being discussed.


Says: States that The Tree of Life is a breakthrough in popular cinema because of the three specific criteria used in the thesis.

Does: Provides a summary of thesis and expands on the topic in a broader sense.




The motivation for writing this evaluation is because it is a specific example of a broader issue, which is that critics should change the way they evaluate and view films. The issue that is being evaluated is why The Tree of Life should be considered a breakthrough in cinema becuase many critics claim that it is a pretentious and over-the-top film. The approach to this evaluation is to show exactly how The Tree of Life is a breakthrough, then raise a counter-argument to the claim, and finally bring down the refutation by comparing the film to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now, The Tree of Life is a breakthrough in cinema because of the use of cinematography, the connection between the multiple layers of meaning, and its ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. The conclusion that is made through this evaluation is that The Tree of Life is truly a breakthrough in cinema because of the specific criteria and that critics should change their way that they view and evaluate a film becuase cinema is always changing.



Project 4 draft: Response Thirteen- Tree of Life




Comments (1)

Hannah Livernois said

at 8:15 pm on Nov 30, 2011

1. You have good clear exigence. I understand the point you are trying to make.
2. You make excellent points in your evaluation, however I feel there is no real proposal, just a comparison of how the movie differs from typical movies of our day in age.
3. The research is good, I like how you have critic reviews, as well as ‘average Joe’ reviews and the additional movie quotes.
4. Your paper seems well thought out and interesting, definitely appeals to the logical side of the typical movie viewer.
5. You have a strong counterargument, but I feel that it just repeats your argument of how movies today and that is one of the arguments against “Tree of Life”.
6. I would definitely look into have more details into the counterargument, or possibly establishing a common ground.

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