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Response 14 - YR

Page history last edited by Jared 8 years, 7 months ago


FEEDBACK: yashvir.mp3







Peer Review: to Marielle


1.       Definitely provides a clear exigence, it’s a clear problem today and will remain one unless addressed.

2.       Evaluation claim wise – well done. You clearly go through your claims and discuss each properly. Like me, however, you still need to come out with a proposal.

3.       Your use of research is shown at various points, but this isn’t exactly a topic you need a lot of research for, however the amount you have does help further reinforce your claim.

4.       I’ll re-adjust this portion, I don’t quite understand the question/”method” deal yet.

5.       Honestly, I can’t think of a counter-argument. Simply because there really can’t be one to this, “reality” tv is extremely detrimental and to refute that is kinda impossible.

6.       Number one priority for sure: establishing a proposal

Two – maybe include some cited sources

Three – that’s all I got for now!


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