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Checklist: Parts of an Abstract



Many feel they are being cheated in the production process of creating and viewing of sequels. Some sequels are horribly bad and many wished they could simply just have those 2 hours they wasted on said movie. Coming from an avid movie goer, stupid movies are not one of the best qualities of the American Culture, yet still a pivotal part of it.


Problem statement:

Too many people witness bad movies, the most common type is Movie Sequels. These are not only bad movies but can turn the public off of the whole series. Many feel cheated and lied too, based off the movie trailer. But how many times have you seen a movie trailer and all the good scenes are in the trailer. You just feel cheated and lied too.


Method or Approach:

Simple five step process. Although it seems like a long process, the main point is you are evaluating the movie before you and watch it. For example, you dissect the movie into several parts: actors, plot, review, comparison. From there, you look at each part individually and analyze them together in order to make an educated decision of if the movie is worth your time, money, and effort.



Think about how much money you could save if you just thought about the movie you were going to see before you saw it. It is making everyone a bottom line movie critic, and with this mentality you don’t have to just use it on sequels, you can use it on any form of movie you wish to view.



The proposal is simple; just analyze your movie choices. Trailers can be misleading and in the end you wasted money and time that you could have saved. The five step process isn’t that difficult or that much of work. You don’t even have to research anything, it can be based off previous knowledge because you know yourself the best.  

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