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Outline and Abtract

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The reason for writing this essay was to raise awareness about the lack of new fuel efficiency standards. The hope is to raise awareness in order for people to ask for a change.  The problem that we are facing is that the government has fallen behind in their efforts to pressure automakers to make more fuel-efficient vehicles in order to save our dwindling resources of oil and to protect the environment. This issue is assessed by first evaluating the lack of fuel efficiency standards and the control held by the oil industry in the decision making process. The research shows the beneficial effects of proposed standard changes in two different plans, resulting in economical and environmental benefits. Due to the positive affects that are made clear, newer fuel efficiency standards are desperately needed. This is approached by convincing the reader by first evaluating the issue at hand, then comparing possible solutions with potentially beneficial benefits. 



Fuel Efficiency outline



            Says: States the oil dependency that is present in the United States

            Does: grabs the readers attention and informs them of the issue at hand


Paragraph 1:

Says: talks about the American thirst for oil and states historical acts about fuel efficiency.

Does: Describes just how dependent we are on oil and how a lack of improvements is harming us. This instills the reader with a sense of exigency and makes the reader think about current policies.

Research: Movie “Gashole”


Paragraph 2:

Says: How the oil industry has been attempting to slow down advancements in fuel efficiency

Does: Informs the reader of the corporate control over our resources and technological advancements

Research: Movie “Gashole”


Paragraph 3:   
            Says: Explains how Oil industries used political leaders to get what they    want.

Does: Raises awareness about how elected officials abuse their power for their own greedy financial gain

Research: Movie “Gashole”


Paragraph 4:

            Says: explains the harmful affects of a lack of better fuel efficiency

            Does: creates an interest in seeking improvements on this technology


Paragraph 5:

Says: Describes a legislature signed by president Bush that will force automakers to improve fuel efficiency and supporting this legislature.

            Does: Informs the reader of laws being passed to seek improvements

            Research: PEW website


Paragraph 6:

Says: About a new legislature proposed by President Obama to further improve vehicle fuel efficiency standards along with fats about the benefits.

Does: Persuades the reader about the benefits of this new legislature.

Research: Las Angeles Times 


Paragraph 7:

            Says: Argues a possible opposing argument.

            Does: Provides reader with opposing view points.

            Research: Las Angeles Times



            Says: Nothing Yet

            Does: Nothing Yet



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