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Page history last edited by Yashvir Riar 11 years, 6 months ago

Media bias today is a huge concern as many people today feel that they deserve to be subjected to fair, unbiased news. This becomes a growing concern among people as election time rolls around as it is around this time that the fate of a country is essentially being sealed for the next few years which directly affects individuals globally. The concept of media bias is first defined and then built upon to highlight the important aspects and how it is a concern today that needs to be addressed, testimonials and narratives are incorporated which show the extend of this problem today and how people feel about it. Media bias is an unfortunate byproduct of public media as it does not allow the full details of any event to be known, it frames events and influences opinions of the viewers, however it ultimately falls on the viewers to not only use one news source and find other mediums of information to gain a full and impartial reporting on any event. A proposal to this could be in the form of a law or government enforced act which regulates the fairness and disclosure of media as was proposed from the 1949 Fairness Doctrine which should be re-enacted and modified to adjust to modern media.

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