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Response 14 Morgues

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Description Outline: 

Paragraph 1: This includes a personal story and an intro to what theme I am taking to this paper.

Paragraph 2: This is a spin off of paragraph one. It really introduces the problem and how the problem came to be. 

Paragraph 3: This paragraph is really a background of some other important budget cuts made over time.

Paragraph 4: Explains how those budget cuts are important but here is a bigger budget cut that is important because of the economic downfall of Wayne county citizens as well.

Paragraph 5: Is a story of how long the morgue takes.

Paragraph 6: interview with Dr. Schneider to give an overview how morgues work and how this differs from Detroits Morgue.

Paragraph 7: A look into how the co Director of Human Health Services is taking things.

Paragraph 8: Explains the affect of rushing and the lack of staff. 

Paragraph 9: the conclusion. 




  • Motivation/Exigence:
    We care about the problem because it is affecting our loved ones who have passed on. In paragraph 6 it is described that a body was left there like a piece of garbage. In paragraph 7 it states that the director of the human heath and services lies before fixing a problem. 
  • Problem statement:
    The problem I am proposing is the budget cut for the morgue and how Wayne County needs to have that money back so the morgue will stop making mistakes, families don't have to wait for paper work or a body, and that families will be able to buy there loved ones out of the morgue. 
  • Method or Approach:
    When I wrote the paper I made the specific background to show budget cuts of Detroit that were important not to cut but weren't as important as the morgue. I tried to delve into the consequences of this budget cut and how it is affecting people.
  • Results:After evaluating the budget cut for the Wayne County morgue we can see the problem it creates for the loved ones families and the ethical problem it creates from the human services.

  • Conclusions: My proposal is that we take students from Wayne State or other surrounding colleges and give them unpaid internships for college credit. 


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