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Projects 4-5: Wormhole

Page history last edited by Samey Abdulrub 11 years, 3 months ago

Project 4/5 Wormhole

note: once projects are deposited here I will either have no way of retrieving them, or I too will be lost forever trying to grade them...

POST LINKS to your project 4/5 below: 


Yashvir Riar - Project 4/5

Paul Elden - Paul's Gene Therapy Evaluposal

Perrin Atisha - Abortion Final Project 4 and 5

Sasha Haynes-Sasha's Prj 4 RD.docx

Colton Dale - Colton Dale - Project 4 And 5 - Final

Marielle Frattaroli-Marielle project 4-5 final draft

Toma' Blue- Project 4 - 5 Toma' Blue

Amy Schneider- 4/5 morgues

Travis Rodery BBCOR Project 4 and 5

Adam Klaser- Adam Klaser- Project 4 and 5

Daree Shannon-http://a1020.pbworks.com/w/page/45723913/Shannon%2C%20Daree and Work Cited


Derek Blanton - Derek Blanton Project 4-5

Ahmed Alshaibani-Fuel Efficiency Standards

Anisa Bezhani Project 4and5

Farah Sheikh -FS Project 4 and 5.docx

Hannah Livernois- Project 4/5 Remix.

Mike Velasquez - Mike's Project Four-Five

Damien Gietzen - Project 4/5  ( Legalize It )

Nour Ghamrawi - Project 4/5

Dillon Fitzgerald's Project 4/5: EDM

Samey Abdulrub - Project 4/5 - Football Playoffs

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