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Dec 8th

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The writing is on the wall.  “Kairos” (the opportune moment for persuasion) dictates our actions: the closing of the rhetorical toolbox… carefully packing up logos, and politely withdrawing our ethos… Holdback that wellspring of pathos!  Keep your dissoi logoi to yourself, no argument can prevent the end…nor can we redefine it.  But there is hope… we can evaluate the right way to do this.  Our purpose is clear.  The published work is only beginning.  “You” are finished the first round of the martial arts of rhetoric and face a rather large and vocal audience equipped with their own ideas, opinions, and yes…technology.  You have the tools to be generous and critical in this emerging world of “texts.”  But you can continue to expect some heavy feedback at every turn.  

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” – Theodor Seuss

thank you...


Course Number: ENG 1020 -- Intro to College Writing

Section Number: 050

CRN (Course Reference Number): 14840

Instructor's Name: Jared Grogan

Fall 2011


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