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Project 6 about the author and work cited

Page history last edited by Daree Shannon 12 years, 5 months ago

My name is Daree Shannon I was born on August 29, 1992. I'm 19 I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan but I live in Grosse Pointe. I went to Grosse Pointe South High School. Which is a great school with nice and friendly teachers and people. Even though I was the only student in the wheelchair I didn’t feel alone they helped me so much. They even built an automatic door for the bathroom and when they added a new building, they added a wheelchair ramp. I have a lot of experience with writing. In high school I took a lot of English classes such as Freshmen English, Reading Workshop, American Literature, and Creative Writing. I passed all of these classes and enjoyed getting practice to become a stronger writer. I was always getting praised for my essays. I was on the honor roll and was one of the four seniors to win the Optimist Award. I received the Principals scholarship to help pay for my intuition. I feel my strengths are coming up with ideas of what to write about and writing a good thesis statement. My weakness is sometimes I have trouble organizing my essays in the correct order. College is definitely a lot harder than high school. College writing is definitely more advanced but I like a challenge. My major is journalism I hope to one day write my audio biography along with other books and movies! I really like Wayne State I’m a sophomore. My hobbies include reading, playing piano, singing, watching TV. I love music such as hip hop, r&b, pop a little rock. My favorite artists are Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Omarion, and Neyo. My favorite shows are True Blood, General Hospital, Real housewives of Atlanta, Boardwalk Empire, the Golden Girls, Sex and the City, and Braxton‘s Family Values. My favorite books include the Drama High by Leslie Divine, Addicted and Nervous by Zane. I also really like and respect Terry McMillan as a writer. She is a creative and extraordinary writer and I look up to her. In the article the History and Theory of rhetoric James Herrick he expresses the history of rhetoric, why it is significant in everyday life, and the theories of why people are against and don’t understand rhetoric. In the fourth century b.c. the earliest rhetoric was in Platos dialogue Gorgias. He thought rhetoric was foul and ugly. After Gorgias first appeared it was a struggle for rhetoric to redeem itself. Rhetoric presents the question of why something exists, the reasons why, and how it came into existence. Despite rhetorical questions being good for learning, researching or just questions that pop into people’s head everyday, many people view rhetoric as stupid and empty talking. Through my personal experience in this English course I find rhetoric to be very useful. Especially when it comes to writing and creating a credible argument. Without rhetoric there would be no question we as students could ponder and ask when we are writing our essays. The different rhetorical appeals, logos, pathos, and ethos exist to help writers persuade their audience through emotion, personal experience and logic reason. I think rhetoric is definitely an effective art to use when teaching an English class. Before having this class I never thought of rhetoric let alone think that it would be helpful for my writing. It has made me a stronger writer when it comes to doing an evaluation. Before writing now I sit down and think about who I’m writing to, and how to appeal to the audience and that helps your reader have a better comprehension of your writing. I think rhetoric is significant in just about any and every topic. When it comes to evaluating politics, society, and public spheres rhetoric is important because it’s an art of persuading. No matter what career you are interested in doing you must be able to persuade people by using the logos, pathos and ethos appeals. It exists in everyday life from advertisements to presidential debates. I created this blog because Stem cell research is something I am very passionate about. I believe it is a miracle cure and I believe it will work to cure diseases and people living with spinal cord injuries.

































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